CARRIER MC# 676759    DOT#1874527    SCAC:LJTI
We believe in providing quality service using qualified people with excellent equipment. Jim Lawrence Transportation is a family owned business that specializes in building relationships with our customers for the long haul.

We have reliable equipment that is kept in good condition by an aggressive preventative maintenance program. The tractors are pulling 53 foot, 102 inch air-ride vans that are in excellent condition. We also offer limited flatbed service. All trailers are equipped with PSI systems that keep the tires inflated which reduce tire failures therefore nearly eliminating delays on the road. Our tractors are satellite equipped to help us keep our customers informed of the status of their freight and to insure that we continue to provide on-time service to our customers.

We have $100,000.00 of cargo and $1,000,000.00 of liability insurance so you can rest easy knowing that you are more than covered in times of emergency.